Grounded in Tradition. Entrepreneurial in Spirit.

"Our business is not much different from the times our firm was founded in 1994 or Defoe Fournier & Cie. was founded in 1824. Our investment, financial, data and administrative professionals currently located across eleven time zones still steward money, invest capital, manage risks, marshal insights and connect opportunities. Some things will never change." - Principal's Council,  Defoe Redmount.


Our global platform entered 2020 with a stronger-than-ever team of more than 50 investment, financial, data, and administrative professionals as part of our group companies present across eleven time zones.

Key Milestones


To gain access to global investment securities solutions such as underwriting, market-making and stock exchange listing, we acquired significant ownership in Dimension Investments, one of the most dynamic players in the specialized space of serving middle market companies globally.


Our team of investment, financial, data and administrative professionals located across eleven time zones exceeds the number of 50 in total and continues to grow.


To strengthen our property private equity strategies, in partnership with industry executives we launched Epic Hospitality, asset/property manager focused on mid-scale, economy, extended and senior stay properties. 


Our global infrastructure investment strategy is propelled considerably as we, in partnership with an international institutional investor, acquired a portfolio of debt and equity positions of various infrastructure projects.


In partnership with the InterFinance Group of Croatia and a New York-based family office we launch Adriatic Capital Partners d.o.o. in Zagreb, Croatia, to serve as the investment vehicle focused on private equity and special situation investment opportunities arising in the Adriatic region of south central Europe. 


After fourteen years of cooperation and gradual integration, Defoe Redmount and Defoe Fournier & Cie. became one, with presence in Newport Beach, New York City, and Vienna.


To strengthen our investment advisory business, we co-founded Redmount Capital Partners, an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm.


Our head office moved to Newport Beach, housed at 23 Corporate Plaza.


Our investment advisory team became registered investment advisor and broker/dealer representative on the platform of BofA Merrill Lynch, with offices in Midtown Manhattan and Newport Beach.


We centralized our research & analysis specialists to better serve the needs of our investment teams. The group started with four professionals, growing to 16 by 2020 with slogan "Knowledge drives decisions."


Our head office moved to New York City, housed at 48 Wall Street in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan.


Backed by Defoe Fournier & Cie., a venerable private and merchant banking firm founded in 1824, we separated our business back from Lehman Brothers, merging it with Redmount and naming it Defoe Redmount.

1998, July

Redmount was established to manage assets and invest capital after the sale of Credit Sovereign. 

1998, May

As our activities grew, in May of 1998 Credit Sovereign became part of Lehman Brothers, with our team staying on board to grow the business, now as part of a $300 billion firm.



By 1997, we were appointed as private equity, debt and property investment correspondents by Nomura, Deutsche Bank and Daiwa.


Our firm was founded in 1994 as Credit Sovereign, to serve as the U.S. private equity, debt and property investment correspondent for the Redmount family and a handful of European-based smaller family offices.

Our Logo Stands for Fortitude, Unity and Trust.

Our logo is the shield pattern of the legendary Roman Theban Legion, a symbol of fortitude, unity, and trust in the areas defended and stewarded by the Theban Legion, including where Redmount family vineyards, farms, and aggregate mines are currently located. To this date, the coins minted by the Theban Legion are found in and around Redmount.