We seek differentiated sources of return to achieve investment objectives, while focusing on capital preservation and long-term, after-tax returns.

Cash & Fixed Income

Cash Investments

Strategy seeks to preserve principal while generating higher returns than money market funds and bank deposits. The target bond duration is 0.7 to 1.50 years and the investments consist of government, agencies, corporate, mortgage and asset-backed sectors in the investment grade universe.

Core Fixed Income

Strategy seeks lower volatility and higher returns than intermediate-term fixed income benchmark. Investing primarily in low volatility short-duration investment grade corporate and U.S. government bonds and other lower volatility asset classes such as convertible bonds, preferred stock, utilities, REITs, and infrastructure companies.


Global Core Equity

Investing in U.S. and global publicly traded companies that are high in quality, pay dividends, and provide strategic growth. Along with holding a group of individual stocks selected by our in-house research and analysis capabilities, we utilize our own technical indicator-driven approach to address short-term volatility periods.

Global Tactical & Thematic Equity

Investing in global growth public market opportunities driven by tactical and long-term thematic trends, such as faster-growing styles and sectors, macro disbalances, “new economy” opportunities, merger & special situations arbitrage, etc.

Real Assets & Alternatives

Private Equity

Strategy allocates capital to buyout, recapitalization and growth style private equity transactions by investing alongside a proprietary network of private equity operators and institutional funds.


Strategy invests in real estate by acquiring sale-leaseback properties with the objective of obtaining steady income and growth. Investing in high-quality, operationally-critical long-term leased corporate real estate.


We drive value creation through distinctive sourcing of acquisitions in the market of infrastructure investments, leading to value-added returns for our portfolio.